Follow the steps below to be up and running within minutes. For more details refer to the Installation manual.

Detailed documentation

After installation, make sure to run "ant -f bootstrap.xml xdoc" in the antmod directory.
Result: in the "build/xdocs" directory you will find all documentation you want for Antmod.


  • Pre-requisites: Make sure you have Java 1.4.2+, Ant 1.6.1+ and CVS/Subversion installed

  • Install: Unpack the download in a directory, set ANTMOD_HOME to it, and add ${ANTMOD_HOME}/bin to your PATH

  • Configure: Create "${HOME}/.antmodrc" with contents like this:
  • antmod.checkoutdir=/path/to/checkoutdir

  • Repository: Run "antmod setuprepos", and "antmod createrelease"

  • Release descriptor: Edit the created release in ${antmod.checkoutdir}/antmod-releases/releasename/dev.xml

  • Modules: Run "antmod createmodule" for new modules, and then do "antmod checkout"

  • Work with release: "cd ${antmod.checkoutdir}/" and use the release-level build targets

  • Work with modules: "cd " and use the module-level build targets

  • More info: Read the detailed documentation that is part of Antmod itself (run ant -f bootstrap.xml xdoc)