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There is currently no active development on Antmod.

With one or two active committers we can take Antmod to the next level. Let us know if you feel inclined!

You can ask for commit rights on the Antmod membership list (requires a user account).


10 October 2006 - Antmod 1.3.2 released: Subversion 1.4 support

This release adds Subversion 1.4 support, improved command-line support and module-level merge functions for merging to a branch or the trunk.

08 January 2006 - Antmod 1.3.1 released: CVS Setup Fixed

Only change compared to Antmod 1.3 is a bugfix for the "setuprepos" procedure that was broken when using a CVS repository. This allows new users to start using Antmod smoothly when using a CVS repository.

01 January 2006 - JavaWorld article

An article about Antmod has been published by

20 December 2005 - Antmod 1.3 released: New War Plugin

Antmod 1.3 contains an out-of-the-box War plugin for building web applications, enhancements to various other plugins and improved CVS repository support. This release is recommended for all current Antmod users.

16 October 2005 - Antmod 1.2.1 released: More plugins added

Antmod 1.2.1 features new plugins for findbugs, tomcat, javadoc, jar, and javac. It contains various bugfixes and improvements in other build plugins. Some property names and directories have been made more consistent. Please note minor incompatibilities as described in the README.

20 July 2005 - Antmod 1.2 released: Add your own plugin

Antmod 1.2 has been released, in which the plugin architecture has been improved such that it becomes very easy to add your own plugin. This makes Antmod a very flexible build engine, which can be customized to your own environment even more easy.
Next to this, Antmod 1.2 has been tested and made compatible with Java 1.5 and Ant 1.6.5. The existing plugins have been optimized for speed and usability, and a new plugin for test coverage has been added.

8 February 2005 - Antmod 1.1.0 released: Antmod goes final!

One year after joining the community, Antmod goes final! Hard work, lots of work on documentation, and major improvements in the Antmod architecture, have now lead to a very stable release. Also, the look&feel of the website and the structure and contents of the website have been largely renewed and updated; we hope that Antmod users and developers will find it useful and will like the new setup!

1 September 2004 - Antmod 1.1rc2 released

Release candidate 2 features bugfixes, stability improvements, and preparations for the next release candidate's build plugin structure.

27 July 2004 - Antmod 1.1rc1 released

Release candidate 1 features rock solid repository management, and out-of-the-box Ant buildfiles that are getting close to ready for 1.1 final release.

15 July 2004 - Antmod joins community

Antmod has officially joined the community! Antmod aims to strengthen the community, and speed up java development using Antmod's out-of-the-box repository and build facilities.

25 May 2004 - Antmod next generation announced!

Antmod is now officially being refactored into a layered architecture, with an SCM layer (supporting CVS and Subversion from the start), a release descriptor layer (supporting XML files from the start), and a build plugin layer for plugging in more functionality into the out-of-the-box Ant buildfiles.
As part of this, Antmod has moved to a new SourceForge project called "Antmod" such that the tool name is easier recognized.

10 May 2004 - Version 1.0 released on sourceforge

Antmod version 1.0 has been released on under the "aduna-build" project. Features CVS support, release descriptors in the form of Ant files, and a test cycle of 3 months!

27 April 2004 - Aduna open sources its build system

Aduna, a leading semantic web software company in The Netherlands, has officially open sourced its build system under the Common Public License. Based on several years of experience in enterprise java projects, this build system can help many others in speeding up java development and managing releases and repositories efficiently.