Download Antmod

Detailed documentation

After installation, make sure to run "ant -f bootstrap.xml xdoc" in the antmod directory.
Result: in the "build/xdocs" directory you will find all documentation you want for Antmod.

Binary Releases

The current release is version 1.3.2:

Once the download has completed, use Quick Start to quickly learn how to install and use Antmod!

Note: All binary Antmod releases, including older ones and beta release (if any) are available from the Files List.

Source Releases

The source releases include the java sources from which the release was built, as well as the "bootstrap.xml" Ant buildfile used to build Antmod itself. This allows you to have the source files without having to access CVS.


The Antmod CVS repository is hosted by If you want or need to work with the very latest and greatest changes available in CVS (which may be highly unstable!), you can checkout the trunk and use that to work with Antmod.

To login anonymously, type

cvs -d login

followed by

cvs -d checkout antmod/antmod