Welcome to Antmod

Antmod is a Java and Ant-based tool for build management, release management (versioning) and repository management (CVS and Subversion supported). Download it here.

No active development on Antmod

There is currently no active development on Antmod. With one or two active committers we can take Antmod to the next level. Let us know if you feel inclined: visit the Membership page!

What is Antmod

Antmod is a Java and Ant based tool for:

  1. Build Management:
    • Antmod plugins help you speed-up java development
    • Share build files across projects in a consistent way
  2. Release Management:
  3. Repository Management:
    • CVS or Subversion repositories are accessible easily and consistently

Antmod makes any (Java) development environment more consistent and manageable. Read the Antmod Overview for more information.