The project

Antmod is a project, hosted on Java.net, with active developers contributing additions and improvements. A healthy release cycle ensures that Antmod progresses properly and provides an enormous amount of fixes and improvements for the users of Antmod based on their feedback. The Java.net CVS repository is used to jointly develop Antmod, and from there regular binary releases are published.

The current leads of the project are Klaas Waslander, a Java Architect who formerly worked at the Sun Java Center, and Herko ter Horst, lead engineer at Aduna, a leading semantic web software company in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

More info about the project is available at Antmod's Java.net Project Page and at http://antmodjava.blogspot.com/.


Antmod started as a conceptual idea across various projects that Klaas Waslander and some of his Java Architect colleagues did across Europe.

In 2003, these ideas were implemented once again at Aduna, a small software company in Amersfoort The Netherlands, when Klaas Waslander had joined Aduna. At the time, Aduna had a clear desire for a way to reuse java components, libraries, configuration, and documentation across multiple projects, without too much hassle. It started out as two Ant build files, and slowly growed into what Antmod is nowadays.

In March 2004, Aduna open sourced their build system under the Common Public License as version 1.0 of Antmod. This was then actively improved and refactored, and resulted in the creation of version 1.1 and further.